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Subversion Read/Write Access

If you want to be able to commit things to Subversion, first contribute some stuff to show you are serious. Then, very nicely ask Erik Andersen if he will set you up with an commit access to the Subversion repository. To access Subversion, you will want to add the following to set up your environment:

To obtain commit access, you will need to demonstrate you are serious by submitting a few good patches first. Then, you will need to select a username to use when committing stuff, and finally, you will need to send me the username you have selected, an ssh key, and the email address where you prefer email to be sent (I will forward any email sent to you, but not store it).

Note that if you would prefer to keep your communications with me private, you can encrypt your email using my public key.

Once you are setup with an account, you will need to use your account to checkout a copy of udhcp from Subversion:

svn list svn+ssh://username@svn.uclibc.org/svn/trunk/udhcp

It goes without saying you must change username to your own username...

You can then enter the newly checked out udhcp directory, make changes, check your changes, diff your changes, revert your changes, and and commit your changes usine commands such as:

svn diff
svn status
svn revert
svn commit

For additional detail on how to use Subversion, please visit the the Subversion website. You might also want to read online or buy a copy of the Subversion Book... [an error occurred while processing this directive]